2018 was our second year bringing The Magic Teapot to festivals.

In 2017, we were at Boomtown and Bestival. The Magic Teapot was busy and the chat and stories and music flowed.  There were many singalongs and guest turns but we think our favourite moment was on Friday night at Bestival. We were rammed and someone decided to lead a singalong of Bohemian Rhapsody, the classic Queen song. The whole place, and we mean everyone, absolutely everyone, joined in and sang THE WHOLE SONG from start to finish. And when we say sang, they really SANG! Belting it out. We felt such a beautiful inner warmth that all the sweat and tears and money that had gone into building The Magic Teapot had been worth it. To see so many people singing and smiling all in unison was fantastic. And the cheer from everyone at the end was great.

2018 saw us at Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering, Camp Bestival and Bestival, and at a small festival near Bristol called Badgerfest. Once again we had a great many fantastic singalongs with all ages and genres of music. The piano has been a great addition this year, and it’s amazing how many excellent pianists we’ve seen come through our doors.

2019 is already building up to be a busy year for us. We’ll keep you posted as to where we’re going to be!